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    Application and Admission

    For Turkish Students

    Turkish students are placed into the dual diploma programs according to their placement score from the national university entrance exam (ÖSYS).  The placement score is a combination of the student’s high school GPA and exam score in the relevant subject category.  Students are placed into these programs by the national Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) as below:

    1. Students complete the university entrance exam (TYT) followed by the university placement exam (YKS).

    2. ÖSYM calculates the placement scores and distributes the results to students.

    3. Based on the placement scores, students submit to ÖSYM a list of preferred higher education programs.  When considering a program, students also refer to the published minimum scores for the previous year.

    4. ÖSYM utilizes the placement scores and students’ preferences to place students into higher education programs.  To be enrolled, students must register at the relevant Turkish university during the announced registration period.

    Some Dual Diploma Programs implement a minimum score requirement. This minimum score is published in the “ÖSYM Kontenjanlar Kılavuzu” annually.

    For more information about ÖSYM and ÖSYS, please see: www.osym.gov.tr

    The details of all students placed in the programs are reviewed by officials at the SUNY partner campuses, in compliance with admissions regulations.

    For Non-Turkish Students

    Please contact the SUNY Turkey Office (click here or on the top menu)

    Prospective Students